Saturday, August 6, 2011

smells like summer

I went for a bike ride, and I saw a bunny! It looked at me with its big round eyes and then hopped off into the bushes. A flight of swallows rested on the path, darting and zooming a foot above the road when they had a sudden burst of energy. I rode about without holding onto the handle bars, arms outstretched, the wind swishing past me. Sometimes when I felt silly I'd hold on to the handles and dipsy doodle the front tire so I'd go in lovely swoops back and forth across the road. I looked up and a murmuration of starlings turned the sky dark above me as they flew in a cloud overhead. Then the rain started to fall. It felt as if the skies would open and pour down at any minute, but it stayed light and warm, speckling my skin. I really like the smell of rain on hot asphalt.

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