Monday, January 24, 2011

pfriends, xvoices, sgnow, and ckookies

1. Beckett, Nyrop, and Pfingst are the scholarly authors of the article I am reading now. Their names amuse me. I assume the P is silent like in pfish?

2. The mounds and mounds of white snow are very pretty.

3. I liked the cheeky voices from the back of my classroom. We were learning about how the evaluation of different types of arguments, and one voice snorted when the premise "Mayor Rob Ford is human." was declared to be unarguably true. A second voice said "I thought that's the way it worked," when the professor deemed an argument to be not cogent because it used evidence in a way that was "like me saying, 'I like your point of view so I'll give you an A,' or 'I disagree with you so I'll give you a D."
It's a fun class, and we're encouraged to question everything while not jumping to conclusions.

4. The professor has a very nice speaking voice. It resonates in a pleasing manner.

5. I ran into my long tall lanky florist friend from first year. I was very happy to see him.

6. Cookies are yummy, especially when they have soft middles and crispy edges.

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