Friday, January 28, 2011

I like kiddies.

I love this song, and think it is even funnier with the subtitles... and comments.
"Thanks for putting the Lyrics on the screen! I was just getting mixed up at the 45th "Unicorns I love them" verse... :) "

"i like the part where she says unicorns i love them"

I'm also amused by stories from my language acquisition textbook.
"Keenan recorded the conversations that occurred between her twin 2-year-old sons early in the morning while the twins were alone in their room. (Babies of child language researchers should watch out for hidden microphones.) She found that the children did attend to each other's speech and produced related utterances. However, the children's ability to sustain a topic was limited, and the longest stretches of related exchanges between the children consisted of sound play with no semantic content at all:
CHILD 1: wake up
wake up
CHILD 2: hake ut (laughing)
CHILD 1: hake ut
CHILD 2: bake up
CHILD 1: break ut
break up
CHILD 2: wake up
wake up (laughing) "

And an example of a 4-year-olds telling a story: "...I have two sisters, one with blond hair like me 'n the other with long black hair. 'N the one with black hair, when she was four like me, she cut her hair with scissors that aren't for cutting hair. 'N now she has short hair."
(quite advanced :)

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