Monday, July 19, 2010

Small things

1. I dreamed I was magnetic to butter. It kept flying at me, but I could deflect it, so I kept throwing it at the wall or people who were not entirely nice.

2. The bike path was covered with baby birds finding their wings, and a very small fluffy baby mouse.

3. I ate mulberries off a neighbourhood tree on my way home.

4. A grandmother, her daughter, and her daughter's three very very rambuncious children came into the store today. I sighed when they came in because I was feeling antisocial and solitary, but they turned out to be funny and happy people. They had entered a native garden competition called flower power. Last year they won third prize even though they had only gardened a tiny part in their front garden. This year they did the whole backyard so they have their fingers crossed for first. I liked that they were so enthusiastic about gardening, even though they might not normally be gardeners. They made my day with their jokes and silliness.

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