Thursday, July 22, 2010

Complaints Choir Coming to Toronto!

Harbourfront Theater is organizing a complaints choir in Toronto!

"We're inviting people across Toronto to join our Complaints Choir. No singing skills required! The more diverse our participants the better. From retiree to teenager, everybody has something to complain about. The only thing you need to do to join the choir is to send us your complaint.

Our choir director, Bryce Kulak, will compose a song using the complaints as lyrics. Then the choir (that's you and everyone else who submitted a complaint) will meet to rehearse. As we said, you don’t have to be a professional singer—you just need to sing loud and proud. It’s all in the attitude!

Once you've got your songs down pat, the choir will perform at locations that you all agree on. Perhaps it will be a spontaneous performance in a public space. Or perhaps in a more intimate venue among family and friends. Whatever your choir creates, you'll have memories to last a lifetime!"

I loved the original complaints choir from Helsinki when it emerged on the internet.

I am very very excited and shall be joining in.

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