Tuesday, April 20, 2010

spring studying

The weather's been so nice. I got home from an exam a few days ago and went straight into the garden. I turned over the vegetable bed so it's ready for planting, and dug up all the dandelions, washed the leaves and saved them in my fridge and freezer. I cooked some today with pasta sauce, and ate it with noodles and avocado. yum.

Code Yeller got so excited about all the plants his friend gave him for his vegetable garden that he made me turn on video chat so that he could show them all off to me. He had peppers, and eggplants, and all sorts of things.

I found more silly quotes on the top of my lecture notes:
"A cow is useful as a cow. I mean, you could ride it."
"I found out that amaryllis when they get scared, don't curl up, but jump high into the air." [he meant armadillos, not amaryllis, but I like the idea of jumping flowers].

After my next exam Dragiraffalina and I sat on the grass nibbling on sweets and basking in the sun. We tried to remember all the words to the song "video" by India Arie and we wandered around singing it. Dragiraffalina has a lovely voice.

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