Saturday, February 6, 2010

Congratulations Lindsey and Lee! Happy Birthday Lee (and now Me!)

Kryptonite and I went down to see the winter festival and fire sculptures at City Hall last night. As we were standing watching the flames a couple approached us and said, "Excuse me. Could we ask you a rather strange question?"
I shrugged and smiled, "Sure."
"Do you have about 30 minutes?" They asked.
Kryptonite and I exchanged puzzled looks, "What for?"
"We're going to get married and we need a couple of witnesses. Would you mind? It wouldn't take that long."
"Of course!" I exclaimed, and then looked over at Kryptonite to see if he objected, but he just shrugged.
"Hey," she said, smiling to her fiance, "The first people you asked said yes."
"How could anyone refuse an offer like that?" I wondered.
They were an extremely cute couple. They were both happy and informal and excited. She was eight months pregnant (She said, "It's like a shotgun wedding without the shotgun."). They'd known each other since grade school, and dated for seven years. It was his birthday, and they were going to meet their parents after for a birthday dinner and surprise them all with the news. The photographer they had brought with them had taken pictures at her mother's wedding many years ago.
When we went in side and signed the paperwork, the photographer remarked in surprise, "They don't even need to check your id?"
"It's a fake name," I immediately said.
"I'm running from the law in Mexico," said Kryptonite.
Everyone was laughing and being silly. The bride kept trying to make it more of an occasion. There was a staircase in a corner of the wedding chamber, and she asked if she could walk down it.
"Of course," laughed the officiator, "It's your wedding you can do whatever you want."
"Would you like someone to walk down with you?" asked the photographer.
The bride peeked her head over the railing, "I'm an independent woman," she said. "I can walk down by myself."
She had also made a cd of wedding music.
She walked down the stairs to an instrumental version of Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles, "–but then you'd better turn it down," she whispered, "because then it gets into the rock music." She'd told her husband the rock music was for him when she toggled through the music.
"What's this one?" he had asked when What A Wonderful World sung by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole began to play.
"It's our new favorite!" she said, "You've never heard it before, but it's our new favorite."
She had the officiator read out part of the velveteen rabbit - the bit about becoming real, and how it doesn't happen to those those who break easily, or to those with sharp edges, and how sometimes your fuzz gets rubbed off - it almost made me cry. The bride did start to cry, and her husband kept interrupting the ceremony to ask if she was okay. She read her vows from rough notes and he said the ones in his head (and then asked her if they were okay). They kissed and they were married.
We signed some more documents, and the photographer got the Bride and Groom to dance to the rock music for their first dance. Then we shook hands all around and Kryptonite and I went back out to the wide world and the festival of fire.

To continue our adventures Kryptonite and I went and ate at very nice restaurant with eternal fire burning outside it, and a beautiful wall of glass-blown lights. I had an exceptionally yummy drink that was made with Rum and Ginger Beer and Pumpkin Cider. It tasted like a cool and refreshing version of Christmas. Kryptonite had a flight of Sake's that were explained to us by the Sake steward. The first was named after a Beatles song, the second was called "Dragon Slayer" and the third had undertones of cheese and mushrooms.
Walking outside we kept spying people skipping down the street.
Then we went back home and watched some of our favorite episodes of Futurama.
It was an excellent night.

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