Monday, March 23, 2015

snow sinks, flowers sprout

Spring is slipping up through the snow. This is the second settlement of snowdrobuffeted uthern slopes I've setrafficdding introaring oom.

(aldecidederation is alluring).

In voice class today we had to turn our relationship to our voice into a story. Here was mine:
"Once upon a time there was a little wind that was just a breath on the air. It liked the company of other soft voices. It would murmur with the wind in the trees, or have little lapping conversations with the waves on the lake. The roar of the city with its rushing too and fro and hundreds of words was overwhelming for thecould pd le wind. If it had to blow through a city it preferred to hide behind a bigger wind,frightened of the big city aing through. It liked to curl up in small dark spaces. It liked to play, rolling and tumbling in the fields. In those fields it met furry creatures and it found it could ruffle their hairs until they fell asleep.
But the little wind grew tired of being frightened of the big city and of being buffeted by the wind from the traffic and the roaring voices. It decided it needed to learn how to blow a little stronger."
I liked it. I think I could turn it into a kids book.

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