Thursday, October 2, 2014

If you want some...

I have a four step program to deal with my university's administration.

Step 1: Consult admin about the possibilities of a course of action I would like to take, and how to approach it.
Step 2: Do what they suggest.
Step 3: Find out it didn't work.
Step 4: Argue.

I get stuck on step four a lot. So today I went down to campus and spent a merry hour looping between steps two to four. On the way home I stopped to write an irritated email to one of the departments asking them to sort out the department I was irritated at, and I sat down on a flight of stairs and found fifty cents!

If the forces that be are going to pay me when I have to write these emails, it's not so bad.
So I continued on my journey, and turned on the music on my phone. With the volume down low I held it up to my ear boom-box style and rocked out to my own personal soundtrack all the way home.

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