Monday, August 12, 2013

Four Years, Still Happy

Rafiki and I went camping up north, and people had made wonderful sandcastles on the beach. There were ones with turrets and moats and driftwood fences. There was even a human-sized sand mermaid lying on the beach with her head resting on her arms and seaweed hair cascading down her back. The next day she was joined by a sandwhale, a small one about her size, who was keeping her company. I like playing with campfires especially, and we baked meals on ours, rolling quiche in tinfoil and tossing it on the flames to warm it up, or whole potatoes or peppers stuffed with other veggies to bake them on the hot coals. S'mores made with arrowroot cookies instead of graham crackers are devine and ever so addictive. We ate off paper plates then burnt the plates and giggled a lot.

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Nanermellon said...

This is such a lovely story that I missed the first time around. :)