Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ah, Education.

I came across a few quotes from TA's that made me giggle as I was going through old school notes:

"Let's not confuse ourselves with the facts."
"A cow is useful as a cow, I mean, you could ride it."
"I found out that amaryllis when they get scared, don't curl up, but jump high into the air." (he meant armadillos, but I loved the idea of the luscious flower of the amaryllis leaping at loud noises, or curling its stem up and nesting in its pot.)

I appreciate this quote:

"To argue with a fool is to prove there are two." ~Doris M. Smith

and I find this fact interesting:

If trying to sneak up on animals, approach from the right side, because then the animal is more likely to catch a glimpse of you out of its right eye which is connected to your detail-orientated left hemisphere of the brain, and wont activate the right-hemisphere as strongly which is better at processing big picture stuff like movement.


Nanermellon said...

I love all of these. I might try to sneak up on an amaryllis.

Nanermellon said...

From the left of course.