Friday, May 4, 2012

Kid Koala

Last night I went to Kid Koala's Space Cadet Headphone Experience with Bird and Jam. It was wonderful. We lay back on our pod pillows with headphones on all squished together.
Without designated seating there was much shuffling to fit everyone in, but all the people hosting were super relaxed, laughing and joking, "Those of you on a first date, it's time to take it to the next level." "You get a free book if you sit on someone's lap!"
There was an art show before we went in. There were Kid Koala's achingly beautiful sketches of robots flying over landscapes, shovelling the grass, and doing all the other things that robots do. There was a big console of buttons that lit up and blinked at you that you could play with. Some of them made noises. Bird and I were crouched beside it leaning in close to here our noises, when we were joined by a curly haired girl with a big smile. It felt very companionable. There were old-school games you could play - the kind of games you'd find at a science store for kids when you were little. There was a display of alien plants, each under a bell shaped cloche.
Then we went inside, lay back and let the music wash over us. Bird turned to me after the warm up act (although as Kid Koala said, "It's a bit odd calling it a warm up act for a chill out show. This is the calm, before the calm." Which made me laugh.) and said, "I feel hipper just by coming here." It was true, everyone around us seemed hipster and interesting, and the whole event was charmingly off the usual path.
The music was wonderful. He played Moon River, a song that goes straight into my heart every time I hear it. It was also his Mummy's favourite song:

He played Drunk Trumpet, which is the first song I ever heard by him, and the reason I fell for his music:

He got us all to channel our inner three your olds when he played this song:

You better believe we all got up and did all the actions. My favourite part was when you 'reach over and touch your toes, yes you curl up like a little bean... and then you groooowwwwww.' It is (three-year-old) daughter's favourite song. Bird says it might have been her favourite of the night too :)
Here's some of an audience dancing to it. It seems funny when you can't hear the music through the headphones anymore:

Even when he asked for volunteers from the audience the things that they had to do were awesome and not at all embarrassing - like have a thumb war in a official Thai thumb-wrestling ring (it looked fabulous on the big screen - two thumbs duking it out), or play a music box while he scratched over top of it, or play a bell when a star on fell onto your number on screen.
I enjoyed the whole show SO MUCH. I wish I could do it all over again :)

ps. I was dancing about to Kid Koala music as I wrote this post and I looked up to find Zoe-cat staring at me in complete beffudlement, as only a cat can stare. She made me laugh.

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