Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three days of cake for breakfast!

So I made another cake. It's an imperfect cake, but it had potential. I wanted to make a vertical stripe cake, but I ran out of egg whites, so the stripes aren't very tall.

Beginning to assemble the first stripes, slathering them in nutella mixed with a little yogurt to glue them together:
I made a jello layer for the top. It was my favourite part. I used cranberry juice and white wine. DEEELICIIOOUS. Those are cut up strawberries in it:
The jello was a bit big for the cake and looked pretty but slid off round the edges:
The finished piece:
I think this had the makings of two fabulous cakes. One, a vertical striped carrot cake glued together and decorated with cream cheese and chocolate icing. The second, a lemon-ginger sponge cake with whipped cream and jello layers with a smaller jello window on top and decorated with whipped cream and fruit on the sides.
Anyone willing to taste test?