Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a lucky black cat meeting

A little while ago as I was walking to work a black cat came trotting up to me meowing imperiously. I crouched down to pet him and he climbed right into my lap. Purring madly he put his paws on my shoulder so he could stand up and head butt my cheek. I fell in love. When I reluctantly went to get up, he hunkered down more into my lap and purred beseechingly. I told him I'd much rather snuggle him all day than go to work. When I scooped him off my lap and set him down next to me he ran back and forth in front of my feet meowing while I walked. I paused to look down at him and he put both paws on my knee, and said "Wong!". My heart melted. I crouched down for some last pats and he pushed my bag out of the way to climb right back onto my lap. Needless to say I was a little late for work.

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