Monday, December 27, 2010

Night Moose

I liked the dream I had last night. Towards the end of it I was staying in a fancy cottage in the middle of some deep dark woods. It was night time. I was out sketching by moonlight, and Mummy and one of the ladies who owned the cottage were out bird watching, standing in the woods just off the path. Something big and dark came gracefully lumbering along the path towards us. At first we thought it was a bear (and I went to stand beside mummy), but as it came closer I realized it was a big male moose with huge antlers. This was less scary than a bear, but in many ways just as dangerous, because if a thousand pounds of moose hits you with all its sharp antlers and hooves at 60 km/h, your just as dead as if a bear decides to eat you. The moose came running along the path, and as we were admiring him as he drew level with us, another male moose came running along the path. The first moose turned and fought. They were clashing their antlers and dancing in circles around each other, sometimes with big leaps skittering away, each seeking for an opening. At one point our first moose leaped past us into the woods, and as it did it brushed against my shoulder. It stood beside us underneath the trees for a little while, at one point it bumped into me (and apologized). When it was rested it leapt back into the fray and the moose danced and fought off into the distance, and I slowly woke up.

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