Thursday, September 9, 2010


I love being mean in a nice way. A highly satisfying example of my way of venting anger is to make an advent calendar carelessly with no personal touches at all. Those are the first 24 postcards with a vaguely wintery feel I found? Then those are the 24 I'm using. I think that one might appeal to your sense of humour, or to our memories together? Well, then it's out. What are the 24 most impersonal snippets that are still with humour and christmas flavour and the ability to fit on a postcard? Well, those are the 24 I'm using.
It's a lovely combination of being innocent and vicious, doing something terrible and letting it slide.
It's like being extra polite to someone who is rude to you. It makes their behavior look ridiculous if they don't stop, and confuses the hell out of them.
Hell, I might also regret it if I said something nasty, did something mean. My temper is strong, but it passes. Im unlikely to regret being extra polite or an impersonal gift. It's not something that tends to burn bridges.
Watch out, if I ever get really mad, I'm likely to take up a life of more serious anti-crimes like breaking in and decorating. Probably in neutral colours.


Filly said...

Lol! Goodness, I hope I never feel the wrath of your beige colour scheme!

Nanermellon said...

breaking and decorating!!!! bwahahaha