Friday, May 21, 2010

welcome home

There were two kittens on my front stoop when I got home last night. One was sleeping on the front steps, and the other on the front lawn. Not wanting to disturb them I curled up on the lower front steps and read my book. After a few chapters the cat asleep on the steps woke up and came down to roll on the lawn with a loud rumbling purr, while looking up inquisitively at his cat-mate. His cat-mate viewed such overtures with alarm and set up a disgruntled rumbling of his own. I watched them for a while until I reluctantly decided that since I had many things to do I really ought to get up and start doing them. The cat from the stairs came running over to be petted. He was adorable, Jaja soon joined me on the porch and we fed him cheese and generally lounged about companionably. When either of us went inside the cat would follow us in and explore a bit until we went back out to the porch for more petting and cheese and conversation.

There is a five leaf clover growing in my backyard.

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