Monday, March 15, 2010

A musical version of die Dialektik next

Today's german class turned into a lecture on Hegelian philosophy. I thought there were some members of the audience who might appreciate that :)
We also discussed Roger's and Hammerstein's song "My Favorite Things" from the sound of music.
I certainly like the number of academic tangents my professor can take between any two points. It's delightful.


Filly said...

Embrella, I am taking this class on cognition in the philosophical work of St. Thomas Aquinas (Medieval stuffs). Just now are we getting to cognition in humans-(first we had to talk about cognition in God, and then angles-oh yes, angelic cognitive processes...I joked privately "what is next? Self-awareness in unicorns?")At any rate, I think you'd just love it. I'd love to talk with you about what makes cognitive science a 'science', and what makes this stuff I am reading metaphysics...and some of the ways these are different or similar...and the links between metaphysics and Christian thought or eschatology...We're about due for a brain date me thinks. Let's plan a walk and talk in the sun when I come home in May...

Emberella Cat said...

MANY walks and talks in the sun please. There's a new ice cream place by my house that I have yet to try... that could be the perfect accompaniment to a deep and mindful discussion... or perhaps simply a perfect accompaniment to sun and good company. At any rate, I'd love to.